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We as a company have been involved in the installation and fabrication of a variety of fibreglass and plastic pipework for gold refineries, chemical plating plants, laboratories, chemical manufacturers, water treatment works, swimming pools and schools.




B M Plastic Services can install all types of plastic ventilation ducting and pipework. Plastic pipework can be available in many different types such as polypropylene, UPVC, CPVC, PB, ABS, HDPE and expensive option PVDF. We are experienced in socket fusion, solvent cement, electrofusion, butt fusion. Instaflex, aquasystem, ecofit, cool fit we use for hot and cold water installations on building services projects and UPVC ventilation ducting is welded using hot air welding guns for chemical fume.

An Overview of Our Installation Services

  • Fibreglass works
  • Chemical holding bunds
  • Special chemical coatings
  • Plastic ventilation ducting installations
  • Tank linings
  • Pipework installations



Plastic manufacturing fabrications are checked against resistancy, temperature of liquid and chemicals being used.


Most fabricated scrubber units can be a benefit for the environment they are used to eliminate various types of fume, mostly during deliveries to acid storage tanks, which is vented usually into the atmosphere. Scrubber units can be manufactured with water spray or caustic re-circulation. The units can be operated inside or out.

Fabrication items


Plastic tanks, tundishes, lids & covers, water units, acid holding units, fume cupboards, trays, fume scrubbers, carbon filter units, special fabrications, fume removal units, filters, fibreglass reinforced fabrications, thermoplastic cabinets, plastic fittings & sheet, plastic strapping, scrubber products, and guards.



UPVC fibreglass reinforced ducting (within the picture) is used in many water treatment works and chemical companies. It has lots of good quality aspects about it such as being protected by the weather elements such as uv rays from the sun and being damaged by people and machinery. The fibreglass coatings can range from general purpose, fire retardent to chemical resistant.

Special Coatings


We use high performance specialist coatings and fibreglass products to protect from aggressive and industrial environments, which offer solutions for the protection of buildings, structures, machinery and equipment in aggressive and industrial environments. We provide you with turn-key solutions for corrosion and chemical protection.

Fibreglass Reinforced Pipework

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